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2018 – Year in Review

Year in Review

Our state experienced five law enforcement line of duty deaths in 2018, the most since 2007 when seven officers made the ultimate sacrifice and bringing the total of known fallen officers to 455 in Indiana. Nationally, there were 145 line of duty deaths in 2018, a 12% increase from 2017 with South Carolina also experiencing five line of duty deaths after California, Florida, New York and Texas each with 11; North Carolina with eight; and Georgia with six. Two officers died as a result of felonious gunfire, while one death each was from a drowning, heart attack and vehicle pursuit. The officers were all male, ranging in age from 33 to 50 and had served in law enforcement from seven to 22 years. Collectively, three spouses were widowed, nine children were left behind and 10 parents lost their child. One canine officer also died in the line of duty of heat exhaustion this past year. Of the four offenders involved in these incidents, all were males, 21 to 49 years of age. One suspect was shot and killed while the other three have been charged and are awaiting trial.

The Indiana Law Enforcement Memorial offers its condolences to each of their families, friends and fellow officers. We ask our visitors, supporters and the law enforcement community to continue to keep these fallen officers in their thoughts and prayers.

Sergeant Edward Ronald Bollman • Indiana Department of Natural Resources • February 13, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Jacob Matthew ‘Jake’ Pickett • Boone County Sheriff’s Department • March 2, 2018

Patrolman Robert Shawn ‘Rob’ Pitts • Terre Haute Police Department • May 4, 2018

K-9 Cade • Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department • July 4, 2018

Officer David Alexander Tinsley • Fort Wayne Police Department • September 11, 2018

Sergeant Benton Hurley ‘Ben’ Bertram • Charlestown Police Department • December 12, 2018

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Remembering Fallen Officers From the Past

Five-Year Anniversary (2014)

Tipton County Deputy Sheriff Jacob Daniel Calvin
Indianapolis Metropolitan Officer Perry Wayne Renn
Gary Patrolman Jeffrey Brady Westerfield
Merrillville Patrolman Nickolaus Edward Schultz

10-Year Anniversary (2009)

French Lick Patrol Detective Justin Clyde Mullis
Kosciusko County Sergeant Jeffery Bryant Shaw
Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Roy Bruce Sutton Jr.

15-Year Anniversary (2004)

Putnam County Captain James E. ‘Jim’ Baugh
Indianapolis Officer Timothy Jacob ‘Jake’ Laird
Newton County Deputy Sheriff Craig Allen Blann
Butler University Officer James Lener Davis Jr.

20-Year Anniversary (1999)

Porter County Patrolman Timothy Lawrence Hecht
Indiana State Trooper Richard Terrell Gaston
Indiana State Trooper Cory Raymond Elson
Johnson County Reserve Deputy Sheriff Tracy Lee Miles
Lake County Deputy Sheriff Paul Winfield Mitchell

25-Year Anniversary (1994)

Lake County Sergeant William Gilbert Paterson
Kosciusko County Detective Sergeant Phillip Douglas Hochstetler Jr.
Hymera Town Marshal Francis Marion ‘Frank’ Lloyd
Indiana Department of Correction Correctional Officer Phillip K. Curry

50-Year Anniversary (1969)

Westfield Deputy Marshal David Keith Brown
Indiana State Trooper Robert Otto Lietzan
Indiana State Sergeant George William Campbell
Gas City Patrolman Paul Vancleve Worster
Fort Wayne Patrolman Kenneth Paul Stiverson

75-Year Anniversary (1944)


100-Year Anniversary (1919)

Indiana Department of Correction Custody Officer Charles Virgil Orem
Terre Haute Detective Matthew A. Dorley
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Special Agent Elmer Robbins
Vanderburgh County Special Deputy Sheriff William H. Engel
Indianapolis Sergeant Wade Hull

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